Referral Contest Leaderboard

Total Referrals:

1. The top 5 in the leaderboard will receive Amazon Gift vouchers worth Rs. 2,000 each (plus Rs. 3000 each in case you are a AWS Student Ambassador). For the following top 10, gift vouchers worth Rs. 1,000 each (plus Rs. 1000 each in case you are a AWS Student Ambassador).

2. The contest is open from 9 September 2020 to 15 October 2020.

1. Register for the event and receive the customised referral link in the confirmation email.

2. Share the referral link in your circle / professional network for registrations.

3. Ensure participation of those you have referred during the event day.

4. Check this leaderboard to see your score and be among the top leaders.

1. Eligibility criteria for participating in this referral contest - you (a) must be a resident citizen in India (b) must be 18+ years of age (c) not be an organizer of this conference.

2. Duplicate / invalid emails & phone numbers will be disqualified.

3. The Prize and the right to the Prize are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for other goods or services.

4. Entrants must ensure that participation (and acceptance of any prize awarded) is lawful in accordance with the laws of India. All Indian laws and regulations apply.

5. The organizing team’s decision on the Prize is final in case of any dispute.

Note: Thank you for the referrals. We have contacted your referrals on 14-Oct-2020 to seek their consent. The leaderboard above reflects only the numbers who has given consent till 19-Oct-2020 (3 pm). We will be reaching out to these winners soon.